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Spring Cleaning

Spring it’s finally here! Time to finally ditch that heavy winter coat… and for many, time to face the annual major dilemma: a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!

Time to take action. But this time with a different approach. Did you known that there is there is a huge possibility that science may be right telling us everything is made of energy and therefore clothes too are made and retain that same energy?

Sounds crazy right? well actually if you think about it it makes sense. If its true that everything carries energy, so do clothes. So try this take each item in your wardrobe and see whats the first thing that comes to you. What does that dress reminds you off? good times or you wore it when you were feeling down and bad about yourself? Did you still have that pair of jeans that fit you 5 years ago and now you cant even put your leg throughout it? how does that make you feel? Or the sweater that hasn't been worn in years (=stagnation, who wants that?!).You get the sense of it…

Seriously, it’s a must exercise. You will soon realize how much real junk you have in your closet. I did!

So I ordered one of those clear out bags for good as new items and filled them with all sort of stuff, clothes, shoes and handbags. Zipped it up and handed it to the UPS guy. And boy that felt good! Everything else went to the donation box at the and that felt even better

By doing something like that, freeing yourself of all that stagnation, you free yourself to new exciting clothes that make you feel good and tell a new story about you. What just what you really like to wear for the season (no more saving outfits for special occasions, every day is special) and you won’t even feel bad going out and buy few new pieces to replace the old ones you finally managed to detach from.

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