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In a world obsessed with body image it not a surprise that the majority of the population is or has been at some point in their lives, unsatisfied with their appearance.

Personally, I don’t think there is nothing wrong with wanting to look a certain way. What seems to be the problem for majority of people, it’s the actual approach they take to get to their dream body.

And I can think of two major issues right away: blame and focus.

Blame tends to be related to all the external factors responsible for the way one looks. Wrong! It is not the lack of time to go to the gym or the vending machine at work or the slow metabolism. None of these things are to be blamed for one’s look.

Focus. let me give you an example, as I got stuck on this one for a long time myself

I think I started focusing on the size of my thighs before I could even read or write. I just thought they were too big and the more I thought that the more i struggled to keep those tights skinny. I had to work harder and harder as time went by.

To the exceptions of those times when I was so preoccupied with some major event in my life like a new relationship, a new job, a break up. good or bad they all had two things in common: they left vey little room in head to think about anything else and like magic my body just seemed to sculpt itself to its best without me doing much to it at all.

How was that possible? What was the connection?

Why when I stopped trying so hard to look a certain way I magically did?

What I realized was that all those talks about focus and thoughts may have had a point after all.

It was during those time when I stopped obsessing that I actually got what I wanted…

So could it be possible that all that time spent on the scale or in front of the mirror complaining about our bodies it’s actually what is holding us back?

You bet!

It’s a matter of choice. You can chose to focus on the negative and bring on all sorts of excuses of why you look the way you do OR, you can try changing the way you look at yourself.

Focus on being good to yourself, learn to understand your body and it’s real needs. Do you really think we were designed for crazy diets or unsustainable exercise regimes? I think not. Maybe its time to try a new approach.. time to ditch those scales, cover those mirrors and focus on letting go a little; on bringing back the balance and watch the magic happen.

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