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Change. Big word, numerous interpretations. The way I see it, change means looking at yourself as you are now as if it was through someone else’s eyes and then alter everything that led you to be identified with that person you no longer wish to be.

But where to start?

Your thinking.

Thinking is so fundamental because every action is alway proceeded by a thought or intention.

So lets see. Why do you act a certain way? What's in it for you that is so addictive that you keep making the same 'mistakes' over and over?

And where do your action lead you? Have you been down this path before?

If so, then it should be easy to see where your current actions will continue to lead you if something doesn't change.

Am I hurting people being the way I am and acting the way I do? How am I affecting me surrounding? And myself?

Am I being the best that I can be or am I taken the easy route?

These are all questions that one must reflect on prior to embark on a transformational journey.

Every day we are given the chance to improve ourselves and work on fixing those behaviors that are now so familiar to us that we believe are part of our personality.

Take a look at a child next time you are given the chance.They see the world thorough brand new eyes, no filters, no judgment. In a single day they go through an array of emotions and moods: one minutes they are playing, the next are crying, they get hungry, sleepy and then back to happy. What they don’t do however is identify themselves with those emotions or linger in it. They do not focus on being sad or angry - they let the emotions come and go like waves without becoming slaves to them.

So if we are not out moods, our emotions or our actions then we can stop identify with them and take control for once.

But in order for the change to take affect, we must be consistent at all times. There will be choices and decisions to be made that will constantly test that commitment. Until the new way of thinking becomes a norm, before acting we must always ask ourself - what would have the old me done in this situation? And then act accordingly to avoid making the same mistakes. It sounds like a lot of work right? Well, how bad do you want to change? How committed are you?

A happy you it’s definitely worth fighting for.

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