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A fresh outlook on life

Why being happy and carefree is perceived by a lot of people as being eccentric and irresponsible?

Why do these people think that the only part of becoming an adult is to get a job, buy a house, get married and have kids and forget about dreams or the ability to have a good time?

All seems way too serious and tedious to me.

Then again I have been called irresponsible and immature pretty much all my life. But am I really? Or am I just a person who found that balance? A person who despite becoming an adult and doing all of the above, still manages to see the world through the eyes of a child?

And why is that so important?

I can think of numerous occassions when people have told me how they wish they could travel more or have more fun with their family to name a few and my answer it’s alway the same : you can!

It’s all about priorities.

What is it that makes you happy? Truly happy? Are you able to appreciate the little things in life or you think that happiness can only be achieved once you have more money, better clothes, cars, houses etc? I think you know the answer to that one.

Life its about being whoever you want to be as long as it makes you happy, free and inspired.

Of course as you grow up, society has some rules one needs to adhere too but like all rules I think sometimes they can be poorly misinterpreted. It’s not written anywhere that we should be bury our free spirit and become somewhat 'appropriate'.

Since young age I have been of the opinion that if you are not happy about your current situation you do something to change it, you don't just sit and feel sorry for yourself.

That conviction led me to make many unpopular choices but as long as I wasn’t hurting anyone in the process I didn't see why I had to do what everyone expected me to do. And after all why should I care about being judge by people who can never seem to be saitsfied or content?

Who and where we are today it’s the result of all our past choices so if what you see it's not what you would like to see in the near future, start acting different and make new choices.

Every time time I tell people that the world is their canvas, depending on the personality type, I get two standard reactios: a laugh or the notion that it's easy for me to say but not realistic to them.

What is so absurd about following your dreams and not settling for a mediocre life? Is that not the point of life to be lived to its fullest? To constantly challenge and push ourself?

Stop hiding behind excuses, take a fresh piece of paper and start creating the life you want because the only obstacle between you and happines it's your lack of belief.

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