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Drama: one of my favorite subjects both for historical personal reasons (picture a drama addict) and also because it seems that its so embedded in everyone’s lives that people don't even realize how much of a norm it has become… or worse - an addiction.

Yes - that’s right an addiction.

I was told years ago that I craved drama. Back then, unaware of the truth in that sentence, I laughed it off considering it a very bad pick up line. Few years later, looking back, I realized how spot on that statement was. Not only I craved drama, but I needed it in order to conquer boredom! From sabotaging relationships to friendships to jobs. When things were going too well, when things were becoming stable or too settled there I was crying for something dramatic to rescue me from routine. And when drama didn't come to me, I made sure to go out of my way to find it. Like watching an infinite remake of an old movie: samw script, different actors and scenarios, same dramatic outcome each time.

And that’s what really got to me in the end: the outcome. Had it been a happy ever after situation then well, the drama leading up to it would have made sense; instead, each time, all I ever got in return was more drama, more questions and a deeper hole to fill.

The worrying part is that there is nothing unique about my story. So many people are going through the very same self destructing journey without ever realizing it.

But how can intelligent and rational human being be so blind? Because the addiction is routed a lot deeper than we think. It has been scientifically proven that our brain produces certain chemicals to match our emotions. Chemicals that our cells absorb and like with all chemicals, eventually we need more in order for them to work. In this case, more drama.

So you see, its not just psychological, the addiction is also physical. And that notion makes emotions as addictive as any drug.

If you are happy and content on a daily basis, great! But majority of people are not. Majority of people lead lives filled with stress, anger or depression, just to name a few,meaning they will always crave more of the same in order to maintain the status quo.

And maintaining the status quo after a while becomes challenging and exhausting and eventually one loses control all together.

Well it doesn’t have to go that far. If we can stop for one minute and look at the life that we have created for ourself we will start to notice those negative self destructing patterns.

And maybe then we can try to write a new script. I mean we know the outcome of the present one so whats there to lose in trying out a new one? If anything there is everything to gain right?!

I often question myself why people won’t even try… Are we really that afraid of change that we would rather live a life of predictable misery?

When did we stop believing that we deserve happiness? When did we become too scared to dream the ‘impossible’ dream. Because nothing, with the right attitude and a good heart is impossible. One just has to really want it and be 100% committed to that dream.

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