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A word on Passion

I just wanted to write few words on passion as it seems to me that it’s often taken for granted.

We tend to get sucked into the routine at the expense of our desires. That’s when passion goes stale.

Humans! We are excellent at coming up with excuses to justify our moods and actions (or lack of!). But what we don't realize is that it takes effort to complain, to create and live drama or to live half dead… if only we used that energy to actually enhance our lives, to feed our dreams and desires, we would all lead a better and happier life.

The good news is that for long as we are physically alive, those desires are there. And so is the passion. We just have to bring it up to surface.

I have just come back from a short trip in Newfoundland. I travelled with two small tired kids and I have followed an impossible crazy schedule that in few days has put me on more planes than some people see in a year. I hardly slept, hiked with shoes that were too tight and to top it all I got attacked by flies that put Dracula to shame. Yet, I never complained once, every morning there I was with a big smile on my face. I was too busy enjoying myself, taking in the beauty of the place, immersing myself in new experiences. I was alive and bursting with energy!

If you haven’t guessed already, I love traveling and seeing new places. To me it’s exciting, enriching and most important it makes me feel brand new. It’s one of my passions.

For few years I tried to forget about it. Right about when my first boy was born. Life revolved exclusively around him and his schedule. I dived into the new life and put myself on hold. Soon the craving for travel came back in full force. Had I ignored it I would have rejected a big part of who I am and eventually I would have started to live with regrets. So instead I embraced it and even better, I get to share it with my loved ones now.

We all have something that makes us feel alive, that bring a big smile to our face, that makes us forget about all the rest and most important makes us feel good and remind us who we are.

For some is their career, for others is travel, writing, teaching, helping others. Whatever it is, it would be a crime if we ignored it or neglected it. No excuse or exception.

Passion is the underlying force that drives us through life.

Passion is what is needed to pursue our dreams.

Passion makes us getting up in the morning and looking forward to our day.

Passion can help us face and overcome difficulties.

Passion keeps us alive and focused.

Passion is everything.

Without passion we are just as good as dead.

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