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Goodbye fear

There is no doubt that fear represents the biggest hold back in life. It’s the number one reason why people get stuck and cannot proceed forward. Some are so paralyzed by it that become unable to conduct a normal life.

Certainty is the opposite of fear. Its power has no limits.

Switching focus from fear to certainty is the key to a successful life.

But how do we do that? To start, we need to push ourselves. We need goals.

Once we have set our intention, our goal, we have to live and breath that goal and by that I mean everything we do, every decision and every move should be made with that goal in mind.

This is fundamental. When we live and breath our goal, all of our actions must align with that desire and cannot contradict it. And of course we will have to be passionate and committed to our goals. Passion will act as the driving force behind it.

If we can commit to a goal, if we can get ourselves to the point where the goal is so present and part of our vision that reality cannot exist without it, we will start to see results. Passion, dedication and commitment always generates results.

And this is when a new concept will start to formulate in your mind. You will start to believe that you are after all capable, that you are strong, and maybe your goal is not that impossible.

This is the birth of certainty.

And the more positive results you will generate, the more that concept will be reinforced until its presence will leave no room for fear. This new found confidence in your abilities and a sense of empowerment will lead you to set even greater goals. Greater goals mean greater rewards.

But what happens when our big goals seem to have been achieved already? When we reach a comfortable place where our back is not against the wall, where we feel comfortable? Do we really need to push ourselves out of that comfort zone once again?

Yes. Absolutely. That’s the time to push ourselves even harder.

Think of it as a great workout regime. Eventually you reach a point where you are in good shape but the same routines you were performing up to that point no longer give you the same results. You have reached a plateaux and unless you push yourself harder, you give yourself a new goal, you are not going to progress.

Same with everyday life. We may be happy and comfortable but how long before we will feel bored? Empty, stuck? How long before our fears and insecurities will start to reappear?

It’s a particularly vulnerable time. The longer we wait to push ourselves the more intense our fears and doubts will become. Soon we will be telling ourselves great excuses on why we should not pursue a new goal accepting defeat before even try.

We all have been through situations where we had no choice but to turn within and rely on our inner strength to see us through. So what happened to that strength? It’s still there, dormant. We don't need to wait for extremes situations to put that strength to good use.

Personally when I feel that I am getting too comfortable I close my eyes and dive into whatever it is that I am dreading.

This blog was a good example of that, I was terrified at first. But I knew that I had to do it and that it would have led to something bigger. And it did. I have now enrolled in a life coaching course… something my fears had me put on hold for 10 years!

And don't be scared of looking foolish for believing in something when others only see failure or little point in it. Don’t worry if people think you are crazy. I have been called crazy all my life but who really is the crazy one? The one that gets results or the one that gives up and live forever in regret?

As I watch my kids growing up so fast I am starting to really understand and appreciate the concept of time and how precious it is. We can keep postponing dreams and goals but one day, when at an old age we will look back, who wants to be the one crying over all the missed opportunities?

NOW is the time to act, not tomorrow, not next week. There is never been a better time to start living.

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