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New Year New Mind

With the New year starting we all want to revisit our life style choices and set new goals or challenges. Loose weight, new job, new car, more money, more travel, love and so on.

Personally, I think we should just keep it simple.

Your list should be like mine and read : I want it all!

No I am not crazy or delusional. And I don’t even suffer from megalomania. I talk out of experience as I have proven over and over that it really is possible to have it all.

When you'll realize that the only obstacle that stands in between you and your dreams is your inability to believe, you will feel compelled to focus all of your energy and efforts to change that.

In order to achieve true happiness you need to believe with all your heart that you deserve it. That is imperative. Although it sounds easy, it’s actually the tricky part.

If you tell yourself that you deserve happiness but continue to make bad lifestyle choices (you lie, cheat, act selfish or abuse your body for example) then no matter how much you think that you are worthy of it all, deep inside you will know that it’s just a lie and somehow you will find ways to sabotage your own happiness.

Same goes for past issues that may have affected your concept of self worth. If you are punishing or holding yourself responsible for past events or if someone managed to convince you that you weren’t worthy of happiness, it is time to revisit these events, accept them, forgive and let go. You are not your past so detach yourself from it.

Now, since we all agree that a good soul deserve happiness, let’s start acting like one!

How about thinking more of others before thinking of ourselves? Or truly helping the less fortunate? Or smile more and complain less?? How about giving free hugs or give in general without expecting anything back? Or working on truly appreciating what you have??

Feel good and THANKFUL on a daily basis and then sit down to think about your own goals. Surround yourself with like minded people and remember: until you feel worthy of true happiness you will not be ready to experience it.

Which is why it is so important to be in a state of constant GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION and only make choices that lead you to feel good and whole. Then you will be ready to have it all!

Happy New Year everyone!! Let’s have a spectacular one!


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