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Waling Sunshine Coaching
Transformational Coaching

Meet Chiara 

Certified Transformational Coach,
M. Psych. and
Crystal Reiki Master

Chiara Opiparo
Transformational Coaching

Not a fan of labels, but I can definitely call myself a happy and confident dreamer. The kind of dreams that turn into reality. 

But like with most people's journeys, it didn't start that way. Many times I found myself fighting blindly through the darkness with nothing more than perseverance and my survival instinct to guide me. There were times when I felt lonely, doubtful, lost  even, but never hopeless. 

Because deep down inside me, a dormant force kept me going. Part of me knew that no matter how deep you think you have sunk, no matter how bad you think your situation is, we have the power to rise again, to new heights. So instead of keep drifting I decided to take charge of my life, to awaken that force and steer in the direction I always dreamed of.

Towards the life I knew was waiting for me. A life I deserved. 

Once I reached my happy place I realized that to express my gratitude, the next step  in my journey was to help others do the same.  What better use of my experience than to assist people in the discovery of their true self and empowering them to live instead of merely existing? 

I hold a Master in Psychology from England, I am a certified Crystal Reiki Master and a Certified Transformational Coach.

I have been helping friends and strangers improving their lives for  years. Not only it's extremely rewarding to watch people embracing their true nature, healing their bodies souls and minds and see their dreams become a reality, but it's also helping me in my own journey.  I am so grateful to be in a position where I can be of assistance.

Walking Sunshine Coaching
Chiara Opiparo



Feeling stuck? Longing for a life that ignites your soul? Mindset and Manifestation Coaching can empower you to make it happen.


Transformational coaching helps you realize your true nature and your potentials without the limitations that have held you back in the past.


Crystal Reiki can enhance your overall well-being and showed improvements to people’s sleep patterns and self-confidence. 

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