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Let's talk about Manifesting

I have been wanting to discuss conscious manifestation for a long time but when dealing with such a powerful and yet little known concept, I believe one has to be very careful how to present it. While many books have been written on the subject, most people find them either too technical and hard to follow, or too superficial and lacking scientific support (which makes the whole concept susceptible to derision).

Frankly I think that any knowledge no matter how basic is better than none.

My own journey started a while back after discovering a very basic book called ‘The Secret’. Years later, deep down the rabbit hole, I am trying to get my head around the more complex and fascinating world of Quantum Physics.

I can only hope that few lines on this blog will be enough to plant the seed in the reader’s mind…

The best way I can think to describe the power of manifestation is by using a very simple yet powerful example.

Last week, we took our boys to a show and the host was looking for volunteers to help him on stage. Each time a new act was up, kids all over the theater were raising hands; however, it was a little girl sitting in front of us that really caught my attention. Being selected clearly meant a lot to her and yet each time someone else was chosen instead of her, she didn’t show any sign of despair (as many of the other kids did). But what was even more fascinating was the explanation that she gave to her mother ‘I know he is going to pick me, I am not worried. My turn is coming up, watch’. This little girl, no more than 8 years old, said that with so much conviction that when the last act came and another boy was picked I almost got up to protest.

Then something magical happened. The boy had a change of heart and asked to be returned to his seat.

I think we all know what happened next… Another volunteer was needed to take his place and yes! The little girl was finally called up on stage.

Although I wasn’t really surprised to see what had just happened, I still can’t help but feeling a sense of awe each time I witness these forces in action. Like the author Paolho Cohelo once wrote ‘when you have a dream, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it’.

It’s a simple formula really: the girl has a wish and she is very specific about what she wants (THOUGHT & IMAGINATION) she focuses on the desired result and does everything in her power to help her vision materialize (FOCUS & DETERMINATION). She believes with all her heart that it is going to come true (TRUST). She lets go of any anxiety and doesn’t panic or gets upset when she is not getting picked (DETACHMENT). Instead she speaks and acts as it had already happened. And of course in the end she gets what she has asked for (RESULT).

That my friends is manifestation 101.

It all begins with a thought or intent, and with the help of determination, focus trust and the ability to detach from the outcome, results start to appear. Like with any other formula though, if you take one element out, it no longer works.

So why if it so simple aren’t people practicing it all the time? Most likely they are already manifesting on a daily basis but are completely unaware of doing it. People unfortunately have the tendency of focusing on all the things that they don’t want like negative emotions sparked from unpaid bills, bad colleagues, bosses or poor health which results in creating and attracting more of the same.

Since young age we have been led to believe that life is hard, that we have to fight for things or that we have to be lucky. As a result people find it really hard to believe that they can have full control over their circumstances. Some do however go as far as trying out the concept, but most are not committed to learn more, deepen their knowledge of universal rules and they give up if results don’t show right way.

That’s why patience it’s also very important. Sometimes the timing is not right or you are not ready to received what you have asked for (this is when it gets a little complicated and I invite you to do further reading on the subject). Still, an effective solution would be to think about the goal you have in mind and make sure that all of your actions are in line with that wish. The way you act and speak should be as if your wish had already come true.

So for example don’t wish to be healthy and yet always complain to others about being sick.

You want to be rich? Think rich! Be generous with others and stop counting the pennies.

What I am telling you here it’s not based on all the countless books on the subjects that I have read over the years, but on my own personal experience, my friend’s and family’s.

I watched my husband transforming from skeptical to full believer. And it wasn’t me who convinced him but his own results. The circumstances alone that brought us together as a family are difficult for people to sometimes believe and yet, it was there all along. That’s right, I had written it all in a diary long before it had actually happened. Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing you can’t manifest (so be careful what you wish for).

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, simply look at some of the most famous and successful people in our society; read their biography and listen to what their views are on success and life. What you will find is a reoccurring theme: they all believe and practice manifestation, they have all read the same books and share the same philosophy.

And yes, people at fist only focus on manifesting material things and create for the sake of their own happiness; however, they reach a point when they have received everything they have asked for and unless they fall victims of greed and power (which unfortunately still happens quite frequently), they tend to realize that material things are not the ultimate goal. A deep sense of gratefulness and a strong need to reach out to others starts to make its way into people’s hearts to the point where it cannot be ignored.

This is when focus begins to shift from the individual to bigger causes such as helping others and the environment.

So give it a try, at the end of the day what do you have to lose?

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