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Together we are stronger.

While I realize this subject it’s very delicate right now, I believe I have held back my thoughts on the matter for far too long.

Will this message be misunderstood by many? very likely.

But the more I observe society being manipulated, the more I watch people being fooled to believe that they are been led to justice, the more I feel like I have to say something, no matter the consequences.

On the outside we might look different but don’t we all eat, sleep, breath and die the same way? Don’t we experience joy, sadness anger and love the same way? Aren’t we all just human beings?

So why, I keep asking myself, don’t we see the problem behind all the efforts out there to reinforce the difference between us? The effort behind supporting and feeding the sense of injustice based on race and skin color?

Why news and videos of act of violence and brutality go viral when the victim is of color?

Does that mean that those same things don’t happen to white folks? Or is it simply down to the fact that these videos never go viral because there is no agenda behind them? Nobody to push it forward?

Are we being set up? Is this separation being pushed on us? Think about it for a second…

If you tell a small child that the world is a scary place and he will be targeted for the way he looks and that message is supported by others as well as the media, eventually he will believe it. Eventually it will become so engrained in his belief system that there will be no other reality for him but that.

And he will transmit those beliefs to his kids and so on until someone puts a stop to it. Until someone finally opens his eyes and see past the veil of illusion that has been created to keep us in a place of fear, hate. Powerless.

Was Obama able to become the first President of color because he was raised in a white environment? Because he wasn’t subjected to the false belief system that being of color automatically equals to a harder life?

We can come up with movements, demonstrations, campaigns, but the problem remains that the more we keep focusing on our differences, the more that gap will continue to grow.

So instead of focusing on the tragic past why not highlighting the achievements? Why not start focusing on the possibility of a future where equality is not just a distant dream? Instead of feeding the anger, why not focusing on all the good amazing acts out there? The ones that proves that together we are stronger.

Although the color of my skin happens to be white, my kids' is brown.

Do they see color when they look at a person? No. They see infinite shades of the same thing.

Do they feel more insecure or less entitled because of it? Absolutely not.

Are they scared that they would be treated differently because of it or have they ever been? Again NO!

Because in their mind there is no difference between them and their peers.

In their eye people can be good or bad to another but never due to their skin difference or race.

And that right there is the key to a future where equality it's a reality.

Instilling and supporting a deep believe, a knowing that in the end no matter what our exterior looks like, we are all equally human. Nobody has the power to make you feel otherwise unless, to strip you of that power unless you allow them.

That believe is born from positive messages, not by keep highlighting our society’s failures or how the world is a bad place if you are not white. Because ultimately children will see the world and people either as good or bad. They will think of themselves as free and powerful or as victims. That simple. And those views will set in their subconscious and will influence everything in their lives later on.

I have heard so many times now the phrase: - if you don’t see race you are ignoring racism. Again, we are focusing on the differences. We are staying in that bubble where nothing changes. I am not saying racism doesn’t exist. I know it does. But feeding the bubble will only make it grow.

So the first step is to start creating a new reality, to start seeing the world in a different way. No longer obsessing about the wrongdoing where only resentment, anger and hate can form but focusing on the vast sea of love and potential available to all.

The ancient Romans’ war strategy was to divide and conquer. Have we become pawns in a disruptive game?

Division has never been so present in our modern society. Our division is costing us the battle to a better future. It’s stopping us from going forward.

Together we are stronger.

Criticize me if you believe I am been ignorant, if you see me as another case of white privileged, if you believe I don’t understand what it feels like, for a lack of empathy, for whatever it is you feel after reading this.

But the fact remains that focusing on the lack only creates more lack. Lack of justice, lack of equality, you name it, it will only create more.

So the point I am trying to make is that none of it matters if we continue to focus on the wrong things.

Change the way you see the world and the world will change.

You are powerful and...

You guessed it! Together we are stronger.


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