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Reclaiming Humanity

It’s been almost 4 years since I felt the urge to share my thoughts ideas and frustrations in this blog

Prior to this week, I honestly felt that I had said my piece and therefore put the blog idea to rest.

But now? Now I can’t seem to tame my thoughts. So here is my little rant...

This worldwide craziness has me spending quite a bot of time up in my head… not something I am familiar with. I am more of a jump and deal with it kind of person. But you would have to be blind and dead inside to not react to what is going on around us.

It’s like being forced to watch a bad movie. What is happening to humanity?? Do we even remember what being human means?

What happen to critical thinking, common sense? Let alone instinct. What makes us better than sheep?

I look around and I see people either victim of panic and so afraid to die that they forget their common sense completely. They forget to pause, detach from all the noises; because let’s face it, all the news fake or not, all the propaganda, and messages we are constantly bombarded with are just that, distracting noises. All resulting in being led far from smart human being cable of using their own judgment and closer to just resemble brainwashed puppets.

Franky, although I have my own opinion on the matter, I don’t like to take sides or judge people for doing so, but I do judge people for not being able to think for themselves, speak their own truth and not what they have been fed. I mean what kind of decisions can be made when the driving force behind is fear and or anger? People are getting so used to fear the enemy (from the cold war, to the war on terrorism to now a virus) that they have forgotten what is like to leave. Fear enslaves you. But since fear starts with you, you can chose when to let it go. You can choose when to regain your power and take control of your life. Don’t live fearing death. It will come for everyone at some point, it’s inevitable as part of the cycle of life so don’t wast your time fearing the day. Don’t risk missing out on living because you are constantly living in a state of paranoia and anxiety. Free yourself. Don’t do things only because you have been told to do it and everyone else is doing so. Don’t trust so blindly that everyone has your best interest at heart because sadly, we are not there yet. That is not the world we live in. So always ask yourself if what you are doing makes sense, don’t be afraid to ask questions and when you think you know it all, ask more. This world needs people to wake up from their slumber, regain their power and help this World heal. But first you have to heal yourself. Regain your power. Remember what it means to be human. Blue pill or red pill? Red pill - always.


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